Enjoy Homestyle Fare at Le Comptoir Hollywood

There are few things as universally enjoyed as a home-cooked meal. But, however much you might want to enjoy it, you won’t always be up to cooking a feast for yourself or your family. What are you to do on those days? Simple: let Le Comptoir take care of home-style cooking for you. Start your meal with a soup, salad, or another starter, then move on to your choice of mussels or other seafood dishes, meats, or poultries. Be sure to save room for dessert! Choose from various crepes or other options, like flambée banana or creme brûlée. 

Existing customers agree that Le Comptoir should join your list of go-to local restaurants. “Great food, super nice staff members, always excellent ambience. They charge affordable prices and the food quality is fantastic,” writes Andrew Hamlin. “The food is excellent and the service is better than the food,” says Ezra Khasky. 

Want to see the service and test the food for yourself? Head to Le Comptoir for a homestyle meal for dinner tonight. Whether you enjoy mussels in their outdoor dining area or duck a l’orange indoors, you’ll have all joy of a homecooked meal without the effort of cooking it.