Llanera Carne En Vara Offers a Taste of Colombia

Have you dreamed about taking a trip to Colombia someday? If you’re a particularly vigorous carnivore, one of the highlights of that bucket list trip will likely be carne en vara. Roughly translated to “meat on a stick,” this wood-fired barbecue is a classic flavor and Colombian experience.

One reviewer on TripAdvisor writes of Llanera Carne En Vara, “I transformed back to the Llanera lands while I watched these guys barbecuing the beef over a fire pit. The flavor was delicious and they work really hard to deliver an experience you shouldn’t be able to find outside Colombia.” Inside the Yellow Farmers Market here in Hollywood, it’s the next best thing to taking a trip abroad yourself this summer.

After all, one of the highlights of summer here in the United States is heading to backyard barbecues—it should come as no surprise that this traditional flavor from South America would translate so well. One customer testimonial even references a visit by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, for an additional star-studded recommendation!

If you’re a vegetarian, Llanera Carne En Vara won’t be your new favorite place. But, if you’re looking for a new eatery with flavorful meats, look no further than this little slice of South America.