Have You Tried the Massaman Chicken Curry at GoGai ?

If you’ve been to GoBistro on Hollywood Boulevard, you know how serious this place is about creating a fun, authentic, and satisfying ramen experience. That’s why it was so exciting when the folks behind GoBistro decided to open a new place, GoGai, right near the original ramen shop. Forgoing the noodles for Thai-inspired rice dishes, partners Andre Gong, Joao Da Silva, and Niti Masintapan are now serving up affordable, fast-casual rice bowls. T

hough the restaurant has only been open for a few months, regulars already have clear menu favorites: the massaman chicken curry (hot, but not too spicy), sweet chili-fried wings (with extra-crispy golden skin), clear soup with fried chicken rice (comfort food), and spicy basil chicken (a classic Thai favorite). Thai shaved ice and Thai iced tea are also on the menu for diners who want something sweet to accompany their meal.