A Restaurant to Try Near Park Station: Merci

For a dining and nightlife spot you may not have tried yet, head to Merci. This new spot has been open just a few months now and serves up dinner all evening and stays open late with bands, karaoke and more nearly every night of the week. 

The menu for dinner is full of choices. Start with a few of the cold or hot appetizers to share with the table. Favorites so far are the spread platter which comes with hummus, baba ganoush, veggie saute and pita bread – perfect for sharing! Then, grab some of the Russian blintzes with ground beef and mushrooms for something hot to snack on while you wait for your entrees. The kebabs are the most plentiful for entrees, with options ranging from lamb to beef tenderloin, even baby back ribs. If you’re more of a seafood lover, they have a great salmon dish with their special white sauce. 

If you’re a nightlife fan, they have a stage that comes to life later in the evening. Head there on Thursday for karaoke night to really experience it!