Add a Visit to K1 Speed to Your Summer Bucket List

K1 Speed takes the competitive fun of go-karts indoors with their surprisingly quiet electric-powered fleet. No more gaseous fumes or loud engines to contend with. The K1 Speed go-karts are modeled after the technology of a Tesla, and are especially exhilarating to drive on their two professionally designed courses. There are even junior models for the kids, and plenty of other extras at K1 Speed that make it so much more than just a racetrack. Take advantage of the adjoining meeting rooms with A/V connections for your next corporate offsite meeting, or schedule a birthday party complete with private race times. They will even cap off your event with podium celebrations and photos. 

K1 Speed is located less than 10 minutes away from Parc Station. They are open seven days a week, but be cautious of wait times. Before you fill out all your paperwork, inquire how long the waits are (especially if you visit on a weekend or holiday).